Programs - The Remote Program

Dedicated training for athletes across the country

The Remote Program extends P3’s personalized training solutions to athletes who can’t make it to our St. Louis facility on a consistent basis. This program provides remote athletes with personalized throwing performance programming, as well as personalized strength and conditioning programming.

Athletes will submit videos of themselves performing drills and exercises, which will be analyzed by our team and used to improve programming. Athletes in the Remote Program also enjoy access to our online video library.


Committed to your success

The P3 Remote Program is designed for athletes with the motivation and discipline to improve. Players will be expected to maintain contact with our team to communicate progress so that we can build an optimal training program based on their season and needs.


Tools to be the best

The Remote Program requires a starter kit of equipment that each athlete will need to purchase. In addition to the specialized throwing equipment, athletes will need regular access to a gym or personal fitness equipment for workouts. Our programs are tailored to the equipment athletes have access to, but primarily consist of: dumbbells, barbells, super bands and medicine balls.


Individual focus

The Remote Program starts with the P3 Assessment. Athletes may either travel to St. Louis to complete the one-day assessment or submit videos of themselves throwing, pitching and performing certain athletic movements for evaluation. We prefer athletes to participate in the assessment in St. Louis, as this guarantees the most optimal results and allows us to provide more custom performance programming.


The P3 Remote Program is an ideal choice for pitchers looking for a complete program that guides them through all routines alongside a dedicated staff committed to helping them become the best athletes they can be.