Programs - The Professional Program

Custom training built for professional athletes

Premier Pitching and Performance focuses on fitting the individual’s needs rather than trying to fit the individual into our program. That is why the first step in our process is to take each athlete through a comprehensive assessment — the P3 Assessment. Our assessment is necessary to give our staff the information that we need to write out the blueprint to each individual’s success.

P3 Assessment — The Body, The Mind, The Movement

What to Expect

Primary Goals

Cutting Edge Techniques and Technology

P3 uses the Rapsodo pitch tracking system, Postural Restoration Institute techniques for health, optimal performance, and injury prevention, and 1000 FPS high-speed video analysis for evaluation of movement efficiency. We also have partnered with Normatec and Marc Pro to create a world-class recovery process for our athletes.

If you are interested in our professional program please e-mail for more information and to begin the process of becoming a P3 member!