The P3 Assessment

In order to maximize each athlete’s training program, we developed the P3 Assessment. This in-depth analysis is completed by each player before we begin working, and helps us understand their unique strengths and areas for improvement. The assessment covers three areas: The Body, The Mind and The Movement.

The Body

The physical portion of the P3 Assessment is divided into two parts. The first portion examines the athlete’s physical history to establish any history of injury or pain the athlete may be experiencing during play. This is covered through a total body alignment analysis and full movement evaluation. The second portion evaluates the athlete’s strength and speed in several key categories. This includes: jump testing, multi-directional speed and acceleration assessments and a general strength technique evaluation. Together, both assessments provide a clear understanding of what each athlete is capable of.

The Mind

We believe an athlete’s commitment to a baseball career is equally as important as the athlete’s physical abilities. This mindset assessment is used to identify and develop the unique mindset that is required for pitchers to compete at the next level.

The Movement

The movement portion of the P3 Assessment is divided into two parts. The first portion covers the athlete’s throwing efficiency, while the second portion examines the player’s pitch quality on the mound. Both assessments are completed using a 360-degree video analysis of the player, reviewing command efficiency, movement patterning and velocity improvement. We have also partnered with Simi Reality Motion Systems to integrate an 8 camera markerless motion capture system to provide us with one of the most advanced biomechanical evaluations in the world. This information is key to understanding and developing the player’s overall performance.

Putting it all together

Upon assessment completion, we sit down with each athlete to review personal performance and discuss how we plan to approach training. This will allow us to create a personalized program broken down into daily, weekly and monthly routines that will help guide the athlete to the next career level.