About P3

Josh Kesel and Brian DeLunas founded Premier Pitching & Performance with the goal of combining professional baseball pitching instruction with individualized strength training in order to create an environment that pushes every athlete toward success.

With 10 years of success coaching and developing players at the college level and in the private sector, P3 has grown to become the Midwest’s leader in professional pitching instruction.

Amidst our growth, we’ve added additional staff to support our athletes such as a physical therapist, pitching and performance coaches. We’ve also invested in world-class training technology, such as the Rapsodo pitching analysis system, a high-speed video analysis process, Simi – a markerless biomechanical video system and recovery units such as Norma Tec and Marc Pro. This cutting-edge technology allows us to capture throwing and pitching movement patterns to evaluate and create customized training programs along with providing a world-class recovery process.